Is there a foreign language requirement?

Every student entering Connecticut College prior to Fall 2016 must complete a two-semester sequence of a new foreign language (i.e., one in which a student has studied for not more than one full year of secondary school) at the elementary level. As an alternative, students may complete one course in a foreign language at the intermediate level or higher.

Every student entering Connecticut College in Fall 2016 or later must complete a minimum of two semesters of study of the same language at any level, either at Connecticut College or at a comparable institution. (Advanced Placement credit may not be used to satisfy this requirement.)

This requirement applies to all students, including those who are already proficient in multiple languages. Normally, language courses will be completed by the end of the sophomore year so that students may incorporate and deepen their knowledge in culminating work in the junior and senior years.

What languages can I study?

Connecticut College currently offers courses in American Sign Language, Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Latin, Russian and Spanish.

What if I can't take a foreign language because of a learning disability?

Students seeking an exemption to any College-wide requirement, for accessibility or other personal reasons, must submit a petition to the Committee on Academic Standing. Students should first contact their class dean and the Office of Accessibility Services to discuss their specific situation and the details of the process. Under normal circumstances, any such petition must be submitted by the end of a student’s sophomore year.