Your goals deserve a great team

Good advising in college should be about much more than getting your schedule approved or making sure you have enough credits to graduate. It should help you map out your college experience and weigh options—including possibilities you may not have known about. 

So, while you’re the primary architect of your Connecticut College experience, we’ve designed an advising program to make sure you always get the right kind of help from the right kind of people. You don’t just get one adviser: we give you a team, and they’ll start working with you as soon as you arrive on campus.

Your academic adviser is the same professor who teaches your first-year seminar class, so your conversations can cover everything from yesterday’s reading assignment to your ambitions for yourself and for the world.

Your career adviser will help focus your interests into professional possibilities, connect you to career workshops and networking events with our alumni, and prep you for internships.

Your staff adviser knows all the campus resources that will help you stay on course. 

Your peer adviser, an older student who’s been in your shoes, can offer experience-tested counsel.

Once you choose your major, generally in your sophomore year, you'll have a major adviser (two of them, if you double major). 

Other sources for good advice throughout your four years with us:

Add in all the other formal and informal mentoring that’s a way of life at Conn—and the way those relationships often endure far beyond your four years on campus—and you’ll go through college and life with a lot of people on your side.