How do I choose courses?

The College catalog lists, by department, all the courses offered by the College and gives brief descriptions of each course, including pre-requisites and course size. The course schedule, issued prior to pre-registration each semester and available online in Self Service, lists the courses offered in a given semester as well as the location for each course and the instructor. The schedule also indicates whether the course is a designated writing (W) course. Once you are here on campus, your faculty adviser and student adviser will be able to give you advice if you need it, but you should consult the course catalog and the course schedule before you meet with them so that you will have some idea of what courses you are interested in taking.

College catalog online. | Class schedules online.

What are service learning (community learning) courses?

A number of courses at the College are designated as "service learning" courses, which means that you will be required to do work within the larger community as part of the course requirements. These may be in any department. Transportation is generally available to off-campus locations.

Is there a service learning requirement?

There is no College service learning requirement, except when it is part of a particular course.

What are the rules about adding and dropping classes during the school year?

Add/Limited Add Periods: The first week of classes each semester is considered the Add Period, during which students may add new courses to their schedules (subject to enrollment limitations, prerequisites, and guidelines for over-pointing). The second week of classes is considered the Limited Add Period, during which students may add courses only with the explicit approval of the instructor (see the Academic Calendar for exact dates).

Delete Period: The first two weeks of classes are considered the Delete Period, during which students may delete courses from their schedule without any record on their transcript. You may not drop courses without permission while on academic probation or if you have dropped two courses without making up the credits. Drop forms must be signed by the instructor in the course, by your adviser, and by your dean.

Course Withdrawal Period: The Course Withdrawal Period begins the day after the conclusion of the Delete Period and ends five weeks before the last day of classes. Course instructor, faculty adviser, and class dean consultation are required. A grade of W will appear on the academic record.

Limited Course Withdrawal Period: The Limited Course Withdrawal Period begins the day after the end of the Course Withdrawal Period and ends two weeks before the last day of classes. In addition to course instructor, faculty adviser, and class dean consultation, the course instructor must approve of the Limited Course Withdrawal. A grade of W will appear on the academic record.

May I audit courses?

The College does not officially recognize audits and it is rare that students are allowed to sit in on a class in which they are not enrolled.

What happens if I get sick and am absent from class?

You should inform your instructors if you are going to miss more than one class because of illness. If the illness will require you to miss a week or more of classes, you should also inform your dean and Student Health Services. If you have an illness that causes you to miss class, it is advisable to visit Health Services so that there is confirmation that you have been ill.