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Information for Students, Faculty and Staff

The Camel Card is the official College ID card and an important aspect of daily campus life. The Camel Card must be carried at all times and is to be presented at the request of any college official. Use of the Camel Card is governed by the College’s Camel Card Holder Agreement.

Where and how to use the Camel Card

  • Gain access to residence halls, various classrooms and labs, and athletic facilities
  • Gain access to the dining halls and your meal plan funds (Dining Dollars)
  • Check out library materials
  • Print documents and make photocopies 
  • Do laundry
  • Make purchases for goods and services wherever Camel Cash is accepted such as The Bookshop, Oasis Snack Shop, the Campus Post Office, Coffee Grounds, The Walk-in Coffee Closet at Ruane's Den, the Blue Camel Cafe, campus vending machines, Printing and Mailing Services, Yellow Cab Co. Taxi Service, and other locations.
  • Use Camel Cash at various Off Campus merchants in the area, for an up to list of merchants that accept Camel Cash please check our Off-Campus Locations website.

The Camel Card Office

The Camel Card Office is located in the College Center at Crozier-Williams ("Cro") and is responsible for:

  • Administering all functions associated with the Camel Card
  • Issuing and maintaining the security of all College keys
  • Processing parking permit registrations for students, faculty, and staff