The Camel Card is used to access a card holder’s stored value funds as well as other services listed below.

Stored Value Funds on your Camel Card

The Camel Card comes with three stored value accounts: Dining Dollars, Printing Funds, and Camel Cash.

Dining Dollars

Students who have purchased a meal plan automatically receive Dining Dollars to be used at any one of the three dining halls and at the Oasis Snack Shop. Students on a full meal plan receive $45 in Dining Dollars, and students on a reduced meal plan receive $35. Once your Dining Dollars account is depleted, the Camel Cash account can be used for purchases anywhere Dining Dollars are accepted. Any questions regarding Dining Dollars should be directed to the Dining Services department by calling 860-439-2750 or emailing

Printing Funds

All full time students receive $30 in Printing Funds at the beginning of the fall semester to be used anytime during the academic year. These funds may be used at any of the multi-function devices in the library and elsewhere on campus. Once the Printing Funds account is depleted, the funds on your Camel Cash account may be used.

Camel Cash

Camel Cash is the College’s “prepaid debit account” (also referred to as a stored value account). Camel Cash is accepted at a variety of locations across campus and off campus as well.

Camel Cash accounts have no pre-loaded funds. Deposits can be made online using Visa, MasterCard or Discover by the Camel Card holder as well as parents, friends or relatives of the Camel Card holder. To deposit money into an account, you must enter the card holder’s Camel Card ID number and last name.

Visit Camel Commerce Manager 24/7 to deposit money into a Camel Cash account.

Funds are available immediately after a deposit. Check your balance online or whenever you swipe your card to make a purchase.

Meal plans

The Camel Card is used to gain access to campus dining halls. Meal plans are activated once a student arrives on campus and completes the online enrollment census. Any questions about a meal plan should be directed to Dining Services by calling 860-439-2750 or emailing

Door access to residence halls, buildings, classrooms and labs

The Camel Card is used to enter residence halls and other buildings across campus. Residence hall door access plans are automatically assigned to students based on the residence hall in which they live. Door access plans are deactivated during summer and winter breaks, and reactivated when students return. Students, faculty, or staff that wish to use their Camel Card to gain entry to academic buildings and other areas must submit a written request from a department chairperson or director. The written request should be submitted to, and is subject to approval.