Lost or stolen cards should be immediately deactivated online and reported to the Camel Card Office.

Contact the Camel Card Office during business hours at (860) 439-2250. After business hours, email camelcard@conncoll.edu. You will need to go to the Camel Card Office for a replacement card. There is a $25 replacement fee for lost or stolen cards. The fee is billed to a student’s account.

The College is not liable for lost or stolen cards. The card holder is responsible for unauthorized transactions resulting from the loss or theft of their card.

It is very important that you protect your Camel Card from damage by keeping it in a wallet, ID holder or other secure place. The following may make the card unusable: a vertical or ragged break, bending, hole-punching, gouging, scratching, placing stickers on the card, placing the card near a strong magnet, or running the card through a washer/dryer.

Any card made unusable due to an intentional act will result in a $25 replacement fee.