Upon arrival to campus, residence hall room keys are issued to students by the Residential Education and Living (REAL) office. If the REAL office has authorized a change of room assignment, the student must go to the Camel Card Office to exchange their old key for a new one.

The Camel Card Office is responsible for issuing all keys to students, faculty, and staff as well as maintaining security of the College’s key inventory.

If a student loses their residence hall room key, they must go to the Camel Card Office to initiate a lock change. The Camel Card Office will inform the student of the lock change procedure. A $75 lost key fee is billed to the student’s account.

Anyone requesting key access to College spaces must complete a Key Request Card, available at the Camel Card Office. The Department Chairperson or Director that the individual reports to must sign the key request card authorizing the request. Anyone requesting a master key and/or a sub-master key is subject to additional authorization.