A cornerstone of Connections, the Integrative Pathway is a set of courses and experiences organized around a central theme. Modeled after the College’s innovative centers for interdisciplinary scholarship, Pathways allow you to explore issues you are passionate about by intentionally combining interdisciplinary coursework with an off-campus learning experience, such as study away or a summer internship. The Pathway culminates in the fall of your senior year with an all-College symposium where you and your classmates will present the results of your integrative studies to the larger campus community.

As you pursue the Pathway of your choice, you will work with faculty and your advisers to develop an animating question that is meaningful to you. Exploring this question will help inform and guide your Pathway experience by providing a focus for your coursework, study away and internship.

Each Integrative Pathway consists of four principal components:

  • Thematic Inquiry: Every student must take a designated course that presents the theme and provides an overview of the Pathway. In this course, you will develop an animating question, begin to select courses that connect to the question and begin to consider an off-campus experience.
  • Pathway Courses: These three courses, taken in a variety of departments and disciplines, allow you to explore the theme of the Pathway in light of your animating questions. (See the links below to specific Pathways for a list of possible courses.)
  • Global/Local Engagement: Each Pathway requires you to pursue purposeful engagement in a local or international context, such as study away, an internship or community-based learning.
  • Senior Reflection: Each Pathway provides an opportunity during the fall of the senior year for you to reflect on the different elements of your Pathway, in the context of your overall undergraduate experience. This component is connected to an All-College Symposium, at which you will share your response to your animating questions with the wider College community.


Centers for Interdisciplinary Scholarship / Certificate Programs

A certificate from one of the College’s centers for interdisciplinary scholarship or certificate programs will be considered equivalent to the completion of an Integrative Pathway.