Explore creativity in every aspect of human achievement.

Creativity is the ability to make connections between seemingly unrelated phenomena, to realize something fresh and inventive. Creativity gives one a sense of being alive and valuable. There is creativity in everything, from scientific discoveries to a new business model to a plan to make the world just and sustainable.

Students in this Pathway will experience creativity within a variety of disciplines. Students will learn to analyze the similarities and differences between creation and innovation, explore how their personal identities connect to creativity, understand how knowledge is socially constructed with creativity, consider the moral and ethical implications of creativity and develop skills and practices for cultivating creativity.

While students construct their own animating questions, some possible examples include:

  • What is creativity and where does it come from?
  • Can one become more creative by changing mindset or finding a passion, or is creativity something you either have or do not have?
  • Are creativity and innovation interconnected? If so how?
  • What role does creativity play in science?
  • What pros and cons are there to creativity?
  • What are the greater implications to creativity?
  • Do other animals have creativity and how do they express it?