Q: Are residence halls connected to a computer network and have cable?

A: Yes. Wireless network access is available throughout each residence house. In addition, wired connections to the Internet are available for each occupant of every room, so if you live in a triple, all three of you can be on the Internet at the same time. However, every residence house room has a single cable TV connection.

Q: Should I bring my own computer?

A: Most students have computers, and it is nice to have the ease of finishing a paper or checking email from your own room instead of the library or a computer lab. That said, if you do not have a computer, there are plenty of computer labs on campus if you need them.

Q: Where will I live?

A: There are 17 residence houses across campus, but most first-year students end up living in North Complex (“the Plex”), a collection of six residence houses all connected to Harris Refectory, our main dining hall. There are some single-gender floors, but most of the campus chooses to live in a gender-inclusive setting. And yes, the bathrooms are gender-inclusive, too.

First-years are placed in doubles, triples or quads, and roommates are matched based on sleeping and studying schedules, guest preferences, etc. After your first year, many students will be able to live in single rooms. Some enjoy having their own personal space instead of having a roommate; on the other hand, many meet their best friend for life and live together all four years. (Some of this information may not be applicable during your first year on campus should we experience another situation like COVID-19.)

Q: What are the residences like?

A: Residence houses are governed by a House Council (made up of student representatives and student senators/governors) and trained student staff including Housefellows and Floor Governors. The house staff is in charge of day-to-day life in the residence house, facilitates communication between the Office of Residential Education and Living and the residents, and runs House Council. The house staff plans events such as coffee klatsches, games, crafts, movies and discussions about current events with faculty members. As members of residence houses, students are expected to uphold the Honor Code at all times.

Q: Is there thematic housing?

A: There certainly is. Called specialty housing, it includes substance-free living, quiet housing, language housing and single-gendered housing, which are all popular options. The College also offers students an opportunity to create their own theme houses. These students live in on-campus apartments or residence hall floors and their themes vary from year to year based on student interest. A few examples of past themes include: Music, Film and the Arts; Slow Food Movement; and Economists Encouraging Equality.

Q: Is housing guaranteed?

A: It sure is. You are guaranteed housing for all four years.

Q: Can I live off campus?

A: Students are required to live in residence at the College unless they are living with their parents, guardians, spouse or dependents within a 50-mile radius of the campus.

Q: How's the food?

A: You know what? It's really good. We've heard all the jokes about college food, but you'll enjoy eating in our dining halls. With a pizza oven, sushi, salad bars, pasta, deli sandwiches, hamburgers, daily specials, theme nights and so much more, dining at Conn is a pleasurable experience! Especially Sundae Sundays. You deserve delicious meals and nutritious options to fuel your life as a Camel, and that's just what we provide.

Q: Can the College accommodate my food allergy or dietary restriction?

A: The College does not offer housing or dining areas that cater exclusively to students with food allergies and/or dietary restrictions, but our Dining Services team makes every effort to work with you to ensure that your dining experience is not only safe, but delicious too! This begins with a simple registration process where you specify what you can and can’t eat, which they'll use to develop individualized meal plans for you and even allow you to preorder meals when necessary. We've probably seen every kind of dietary need and allergy here, and we go the extra mile to take care of them.