Meet Your Counselor

We like to know that you're interested in Conn, so reach out to the admission counselor for your area. If you decide to apply to Conn, they'll remember you got in touch, and that's a point in your favor! (We call it demonstrated interest.) Plus, our counselors are fun people and they can answer almost any question you have about Conn. Seriously, try to stump them.

Meet Your Counselor on the Road

Those same fun counselors go on the road a lot! Find out if one of them is coming your way so you can demonstrate your interest—and try to stump them with your questions—in person.

Meet Your Senior Admission Fellows

Another way to demonstrate your interest in Conn—and learn more about us—is by interviewing with a Senior Admission Fellow, either in person or online. The interviews are informal and informational, and a great way to add dimension to your application. Meet the fantastic fellows.

Meet Your Tour Guides

If you plan to visit campus for a tour, one of these fabulous folks will show you around our stunning arboretum campus! As current students, they can tell you all about their experiences.