Q: If I want to play competitive sports, what are my options?

A: About 75% of our students are involved in competitive sports at Connecticut College, taking part in either intramural, club or varsity athletics.

Q: What division are the athletic teams?

A: We have 28 intercollegiate sports teams, 15 women, 12 men, and 1 coed. We are a Division III NCAA institution and a member of the New England Small College Athletic Conference (NESCAC).

Q: Do you have to walk far to classes?

A: Most classes are a five-minute walk, and it only takes about 10 minutes to walk from one end of campus to another.

Q: How many students of color attend Connecticut College?

A: Domestic students of color and international students of color constitute 29% of our student population. 

Q: Is it easy to get involved?

A: It's hard to not get involved on campus! The Student Activities Fair is held at the beginning of each academic year where students can sign up to join everything from the Film Society and the College Democrats to tour guiding and the Ultimate team. To give you a sense of variety, we have everything from the a cappella singing groups to Sprout!, the organic garden group. Student government, the Office of Volunteer Services (which serves the greater New London area) and the other 100+ groups are always looking for people to get involved as well. Have a look at the Student Clubs and Organizations section to get an idea.

Q: Is the campus safe?

A: Absolutely. The campus is well lit at night (and during the day when the sun is out), and campus safety officers patrol the campus 24 hours a day. A security code is needed to enter all residence halls, and there are safety call boxes throughout the campus for emergency situations. Learn more at the Campus Safety website.

Q: Can I bring a car?

A: First-year students are not allowed to have vehicles on campus, part of the College's commitment to advance environmental sustainability and shrink our carbon footprint. (Members of the Class of 2024 were permitted to have a car on campus for the 2020-2021 academic year in order to practice social distancing. This policy will continue to evolve as new guidance from the state and public health officials becomes available.) 

You may find that you don’t need a car at Connecticut College. There are numerous transportation alternatives, including Zipcar, the Camel Van local shuttle, SEAT (the local city bus) and several taxi services. Many students also use bicycles to get around campus and off. Learn more about our transportation alternatives

Q: Is social life concentrated on-campus or off-campus? What is social life like?

A: New London is a grand place, but student life is heavily concentrated on campus. There's so much going on at Connecticut College, that most students don't feel a need to leave campus! Student clubs, academic departments and the College plan amazing events on campus every day of the week, including speakers covering myriad topics, exhibits, performances, movies, game nights, dances and too many more to list here!

Socially, there is everything from pool tournaments and "Dress like your favorite Superhero" dances, to comedy club shows and impromptu Ultimate games. It's not a matter of "Is there anything to do?" It's a matter of "There's so much to do, how can I fit it all in?" The campus is alive all week long, and the weekend is chock full into the wee small hours of the morning. Learn about some of our student programs and activities

Q: Is there a Greek system?

A: No, and most students are happy that way.

Q: What is there to do in and around New London?

A: There are great little restaurants, cafes, performance venues, galleries, museums and shops all along the shoreline communities, including New London. The music and arts scenes are particularly vital in our part of the world, as are outdoor spaces, like Ocean Beach, Harkness Memorial State Park and, of course, our own 750-acre arboretum campus. The region also includes movie theaters, popular chain restaurants and stores, and other amenities you may require.

Q: Are you a suitcase school?

A: No. There's lots to do on campus (as you can see in the social description above), and though Boston and NYC are only two hours away, the campus does not empty out on the weekends. In fact, about 80% of our students stay on campus over any given weekend.