Four Years with the Experience

I have been dreading but also looking forward to this day. After four years, this is my last blog post for The Experience. I joined The Experience on my second day at Connecticut College and coincidentally, it was my birthday! The primary goal for this blog is to give prospective students a small glimpse into what life at Conn feels like.

In my selfish way, I have used this platform to reflect on some of my most monumental moments at Conn. I had many firsts here. There was my first snowman, my first time at the beach, and my first time trying lobster! I documented some major milestones: my CISLA internship, my All-College Symposium experience, and declaring my majors! I also had the opportunity to talk about more overarching experiences that heavily influenced my time here, the most notable being my journey as a student leader. I also tried to give prospective international students some tips to acclimate themselves to the US and Conn. Many have had the same experience as me — they did not visit Conn or the U.S. before starting the semester. Hence, blogs written by international students was one of the best ways they could get some practical advice before they arrived. I spoke about what I pack, what I like to eat in the dining halls, and how annoying long plane rides can be when they are delayed. 


In my last week and a half at Conn, I have been thinking about the people who have helped me reach this point. Two of them are The Experience team and the Office of Communications. I have worked for this office all of my four years writing blogs and working on social media. I have picked up graphics skills, learned how to craft successful instagram campaigns, and seen what a career in communications can look like. I have benefitted from having an amazing supervisor and being able to interact with some of the wonderful people, both students and staff, who work here.

I cannot imagine my time at Conn without working for the Office of Communications.