As an international student, it can be hard to figure out what you need to pack into the two suitcases your airline allows you to carry. Over the years, I have forgotten many key things at home which I realized midway through the flight. Hence, I have come up with a list of things you should bring:

You will lose socks and you will be unwilling to spend money at Walmart to buy socks. I have concluded that the washing machines at Conn are a black hole for socks. So bring at least 10 pairs of socks from home so you are good for at least the first semester. 

Comfortable Shoes
You will not get the chance to go shoe hunting when you first arrive at Conn. You are in a new country without a cell phone and bank account, you will be occupied acquiring those things so don’t think you will save some space in your suitcase by not packing your favorite flip flops. You’ll be walking a lot when you first arrive on campus, exploring the area and looking for your classes. For me, nothing can quite beat how comfortable my tried and tested shoes are from home, so it was helpful for me to bring a pair of flip flops, running shoes, converse, dressy shoes/wedges, and heels. 

Favorite Pair of Pajamas
Similar to shoes, you will yearn to wear something familiar in your first week here. Homesickness hits at weird times and for me it always hits right before I go to bed. So having pajamas from home was a comfort to me. 

If you are from a country where all food is spicy, you will struggle in the US for the first few months. Do yourself a favor and bring a couple of different types of spices or your favorite condiment from home which you can discreetly sprinkle on your food in the dining hall. I always bring back fenugreek and tandoori spices from Bangladesh!

These are some of the things I have consistently bought back with me from home at the start of each year. They have provided me with comfort and reminded me of home at crucial times when homesickness hit.