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Student with a Connecticut College shirt on decorates cookies with colored frosting.
My roommate, Molly and I enjoying a little finals stress-reliever decorating some graduation themed cookies her mom sent to our house! graduation-themed

Every year in New London when the sun starts to shine and Tempel Green becomes busier and warmer there’s a hopeful and happy feeling in the air. This year especially, it feels even more special to get to gather with friends outside and the feeling of hope finally feels present.

Motivation has been hard this past year for many reasons, but I finally developed a good routine and the ability to maintain a bit of normalcy throughout this year. The night before each weekday, I write down my plan for the day which involves class times, COVID testing time, homework times, workout times, etc. (yes, it’s very detailed). Now, as we approach the final weeks of the semester this schedule seems to have become optional in my mind. I find myself looking at an assignment and drifting off into thought about what I’ll make for dinner, or what I'll wear for graduation, or just questioning how four years have gone by so quickly.

This week, as finals are nearing and classes wind down, I’ve been camping out on campus most days in my usual third-floor cubicle spot in Shain Library. As much as I am struggling to get out these last final papers of my time here at Conn, being on campus this time of year is the best. Spring is my favorite, and there’s a sense of normalcy right now that seems to be bringing everyone joy. Grabbing lunch from Cro, sitting outside, and returning to Shain library to do work (and mingle as my fellow blog writer Samirah is especially good at) it’s all been quite enjoyable even while working on these papers!

I feel like I’m in the sweet spot. I know many of my peers want finals to end, but I’m feeling content–– knowing when they’re over my senior celebrations begin, which in turn, marks the end. Not to mention I just picked up my cap and gown and trying those on made things start to feel real. We’re all feeling similar, but in our own ways.

It’s truly hard to believe it’s May, but seeing the commencement stage up, waiting to be surrounded by flags, chairs, and families gathering for graduation makes me so excited.