Full house for N2O's show in Olin basement

It’s Friday night, you’re in Olin basement and an improv show is about to begin. Whether it’s Scuds or N2O, the main improv groups at Connecticut College, going to an improv show at Conn is an intimate experience. The shows almost always take place on Friday nights— traditionally a night in which student activities are abundant. So, the scene is this: hanging out with your friends and undoubtedly lots of other people you know in a smallish lecture hall, cheering for your pals up there on stage. 

I was inspired when one of my good friends was accepted into N2O earlier in the semester, so I decided to start my own troop. It was harder than we thought. A couple of my friends got together late one Wednesday night in the beginning of October, and we tried to create a third group to rival Scuds and N2O. Though we were surprisingly funny, none of us had any previous formal theater, acting or performing experience, so we just met a few times. Even so, it was fun to spend an hour here and there laughing while being able to forget about our important duties as students—even if only for a little while.

I hope that next year, after I get back from my semester abroad, I will be able to restart my improv group. I loved the way it made me feel: free and empowered. I’m not sure what my last year at Conn will bring, but I know comedy will be a part of it, whether that is going to those Friday night shows or reviving the new group. Either way, hope to see you in Olin!