Julia and two other female students sit at tables outside of the Ruane's Den Coffee Closet doing school work.
What my real day consists of: lots of studying. It is better done in groups.

Recently, I read through my planner and discovered (to my surprise) that I have taken on more responsibility both in the classroom and in my extra-curricular activities. On a given Wednesday, I wake up early and end my day close to midnight. The 24 hours in one day go quickly and it makes me wish for a day free of nothing to do. If you gave me 12 hours, I think this is how I would spend them.

9 a.m.: My alarm rings and I slowly start to wake-up.

10 a.m.: I attempt to find a ride to my favorite coffee shop called Washington Street in New London – see blog post about not having a license.

11 a.m.: If a ride fails, slowly walk to Harris Dining Hall and enjoy a meal of fried eggs with hot sauce and turkey sausage.

1 p.m.: Brunch took longer than I expected it to. I walk toward the Arboretum with a podcast on my iPhone, and bask in nature! I truly love walking near Buck Lodge, a cabin in the heart of the Arboretum, while listening to “The New Yorker Radio Hour” from National Public Radio.

3 p.m.: I return from the Arboretum, and meet with Professor of Dance David Dorfman over iced chai from the Blue Camel Cafe to discuss his latest work “Aroundtown.”

4:30 p.m.: Iced chai concludes and I am feeling energetic. David asks if I would like to work with his company David Dorfman Dance (DDD) on a new movement exercise. With a ton of enthusiasm, I say, ‘Yes!’ We walk to the College Center at Crozier Williams, home of the dance department and meet with the members of DDD to work out the exercise. Both Simon and Nick, members of the company, pick me up and we improvise the landing, and soon it becomes a game of rolling on the studio floor. By the time we conclude, the clock reads 6 p.m.…

6 p.m.: My sister calls me and we talk about food. It is 3 p.m. in California, the state she calls home. In either time zone, we are both hungry! When the call concludes, I have gotten the impression that she has agreed to support my venture in ordering mac and cheese pizza from 2 Wives Brick Oven Pizza in downtown New London.

7 p.m.: My friends MC, David, Jon, Samantha, Lili, Fiona, Hallie, Saadya, Kira, Jenny, and Alex arrive in the Katherine Blunt House common room on the ground floor of my residence hall. We order pizza and turn on an awful movie. We realize while eating our pizza that we actually spent more time talking than watching the movie. By 11 p.m., we clean up the common room and by…

11:30 p.m.: I begin to fall asleep and realize that tomorrow, I will be busy again.