I’ve said this a million times, and I’ll say it again: the community that makes up Conn is remarkably special. It’s something that I love about this college, being part of a community of people that cares for one another loudly enough that it’s unmistakably visible day in and day out. In an uncertain time, like the coming arrival of a soon-to-be president, it makes sense that levels of anxiety would rise and those affected by something so unknown could possibly rub off on others around them. In the wake of an unpredictable new era for the United States, Conn students gathered together and expressed their doubts, questions, hopes and concerns for our country.

On Wednesday night I attended an event that was titled “What’s Next?,” a forum that was planned before the results of the election became official. This forum gathered a large crowd of students, faculty and staff that hoped to address some of their concerns and curiosities. I attended with a friend. We grabbed some pizza and were split up into different groups. I decided to go to a group called “What Can I Do?” while my friend went to one discussing concerns about how to navigate conversations between family and friends over the coming holiday season. 

My group sat in a big circle and there were silences that sat heavily after each student shared their thoughts. I was wracking my brain wondering truly “what can I do?” As a college student sometimes I feel powerless over my ability to enact change in the world. But on Wednesday night I was reminded that change comes from all notches of the ladder–not just the highest one. I was empowered sitting among my peers. It’s a fascinating, concerning, hopeful and confusing time to be a college student. However, I feel so lucky to be at a college that understands this complex mix of emotions. Students here want to create a better world, and though that may seem unattainable or cheesy I was reminded the other night that among us are students who believe in a more united and successful tomorrow.