Ninety-six students entered Connecticut College under the POSSE program from 2009-2017 (POSSEs 1 through 9). Gender has been balanced— 51 percent female and 49 percent male — in the first nine POSSEs. POSSE students’ race and ethnicity have primarily been either Hispanic/Latino (47 percent) or Black/African American (33 percent). On average, POSSE retention rate is 95 percent.

As of Spring 2017, 49 POSSE students have graduated from Connecticut College. Forty-one students had one major, and eight students (16 percent) were double majors, making for 57 completed majors. The most popular majors for POSSE graduates have been psychology, government, Hispanic studies, history and sociology. In addition to their major(s), 11 students completed a center certificate, mostly through the Holleran Center for Community Action and Public Policy.

POSSE Scholars are an integral part of the campus community. They take on leadership roles. They are leaders of cultural groups and athletics.  They hold work-study jobs in the library, housing office and other key offices on campus. They are interns and tutors for other students. They are tour guides for the Office of Admission and research assistants in labs and classrooms. They serve in the U.S. Military Armed Forces. And each year POSSE Scholars are recipients of many cultural and academic awards, fellowships and internships on- and off-campus. They study abroad to China, Panama, Italy and Vietnam. Among the honors they have received are the Fulbright Scholar Award, Pickering State Department Fellowship and other academic and leadership awards.