Conn POSSE Staff

Erika J. Smith, Liaison of the Posse Program

Dean of the College

The liaison is the primary contact and works closely with the Posse Offices in New York City and Chicago. The liaison is also a member of the Admission team which selects each cohort. The liaison attends the annual conference at Posse’s national headquarters in New York City.

Ann Livingston Schenk

Ann Schenk, Coordinator, Posse Program

Associate Dean of the College, Dean of Juniors, Seniors and Transfers, Posse Coordinator, and MMUF Co-Coordinator

Along with the liaison, the coordinator represents Posse on Conn’s campus. The coordinator educates the community about the program and advocates for the scholars. The coordinator works closely with mentors in supporting the scholars. The coordinator implements the Posse calendar for the academic year and plays an integral role in coordinating logistics for the Posse Plus Retreat.