Every year, The POSSE Foundation and POSSE Scholars facilitate an annual weekend-long POSSE Plus Retreat attended by members of the larger student body, faculty, staff and administration, with the goal of discussing an important campus issue identified by POSSE Scholars.

During a POSSE Plus Retreat weekend, a cross-section of the campus community—students, faculty, staff and administrators—come together to talk about the topic on a national, campus and personal level. By creating a safe space for dialogue among campus community members who may not ordinarily interact with one another, retreats today have become an important forum to engage in social, cultural and political issues.

Past Themes

2021: The State of Leadership

2020: The State of Politics

2019: The State of the Union

2018: Hope, Hate and Race in the United States

2017: Us vs. Them

2016: Sticks & Stones; Language & Speech in a Diverse Society

2015: Crime & Punishment