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Sebastian Arango Chiquillo ’23

Hometown: New Haven, Connecticut
Major: English
Minor: Hispanic Studies
Pathway: Media, Rhetoric, and Communication

Favorite Aspect of Connecticut College
My favorite aspect of Conn is how well you can get to know people here, whether it’s students, staff, or faculty. I can say that over the summer working for Admission I met so many great people and was able to gain so many new opportunities. I really feel like outside of being able to access new opportunities I met kind, and caring people outside of academics.

Favorite memory at Connecticut College:
My Favorite memory at Connecticut College was walking into a triple on the second floor of KB and meeting two of my best friends. One is here at Conn and the other is at UVM. If it wasn’t for them and making those connections, I probably wouldn't be at Conn. They are truly great people that I would consider my family.

Favorite activity in New London or the region:
During the summer New London hosts Eat in The Street, an event downtown where the street closes for street vendors, nearby stores, and restaurants to operate outside stalls and tables for the day. It’s really cool! There’s usually a stage where music is played for the entire day and you can enjoy some really good food.

Camels in New London

- The Experience, Sebastian Arango Chiquillo ’23

Grace Flautherly ’23 Headshot
Grace Flautherly ’23

Interview with Grace Flautherly ’23
Psychology and Gender Sexuality and Intersectionality Studies Double Major
From: Portland, Maine

What kind of relationship does Connecticut College have with our host city, New London? I work as a driver for the College’s Holleran Center for Community Action and Public Policy, shuttling students to their volunteer jobs in the area. I spoke with Grace Flautherly about her volunteer experience with Safe Futures in New London.

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