The sidewalk in front of Shain Library lined with trees with pink buds on them and blue skies behind
Spring on campus means commencement is just around the corner

Senior spring is like the bibliography part of a paper. You’re at the very end and it’s a struggle sometimes. This metaphor came to me as I sit here attempting to finish a paper of my own. The assignment is very manageable and I know exactly what I’m writing, yet I find myself taking far too long to complete a single paragraph. This is when I realized that–– and made the excuse for myself—I have senioritis!

I am down to my final weeks as a Connecticut College student and sticking to my schedule is becoming more and more challenging. I find myself here admiring my blank screen where my Human Development paper should be, wondering how it’s the end of April and I have less than a month left here. I should be outlining my paper, yet I’m drifting away thinking about how crazy it is that I was just sitting with my mom going through the Conn website thinking to myself, ‘hmm Human Development sounds cool’ but really being a scared high school senior, not knowing at all what I was interested in.

Now, on the other side, I wouldn’t say I’m a “scared” senior, but more waiting with anxious anticipation. I’m excited for what’s ahead, but sad at how quickly it went by. I can remember walking to my fist human development class ever, getting lost, then realizing the department building was in fact the small house I had walked by 5 minutes before. I’ll miss the passing by of familiar faces, everyone saying hi to you as you rush from morning class to Harris to beat the lunch line.

I’m sure these next weeks will be filled with lots more reflecting (more to come from me reminiscing) and hopefully some work gets done too…