Is it possible to still have camel moments in your senior year?! By your second week at Conn you will know (and probably will have heard it said a million times) what a camel moment is. We define this as a time (in my case, many times!) that you felt and knew you were meant to be part of this community. For some, this happens before they even begin their first-year. For others it happens at the end of sophomore year, and for me they happen all the time. I had yet another camel moment this fall when I was introduced to a camel alumna who has taken the time to not only help and guide me through the graduate school application process, but has gotten to know me on a more personal level. Ida is a student working towards her doctorate in clinical psychology — the same path that I will begin in the fall of 2021.

I decided to apply to graduate school this past summer.  While I know a few practicing psychologists, I did not know anyone closer to my own age who more recently completed a program. I found Ida on the Connecticut College LinkedIn alumni network, where I sent her a message on a whim expressing my interest in what she does and asking for general advice. At this point, I didn’t know much about the intricacies of graduate programs or the application process. I found myself pleasantly surprised when Ida responded not only to answer my questions, but to set up a time to chat more on the phone. I remember getting off the phone with her for the first time and just feeling a wave of relief–– it was the first positive, reassuring conversation I had had so far.

Ida has stuck by me, helped me develop and finalize my essays for my applications, listened to me stress over taking the GRE, and has provided me with positive energy during an incredibly busy and stressful time. I feel so lucky to have support, and beyond that, to have found someone I can count on down the line. I am currently deciding where I would like to attend. Ida’s been there for me while all the last minute, random questions pop into my head.

Not only have I met a great mentor, but Ida has been a great friend and person to lean on. She has made me genuinely excited for what’s in store for my future and inspired me to pay it forward and help guide someone younger than me someday.