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Giana De La Cruz ’24

Hometown: Boston, Massachusetts
Major: Psychology
Minor: Economics
Pathway: Public Health
Activities: POCA Executive Secretary

Favorite aspect of Connecticut College:
My favorite aspect of Connecticut College is its size. I knew the school for me had to be small in order for me to form meaningful connections with both students and faculty. I love that every time I walk to a class or anywhere on campus I know most of the people I see. That sense of community is my favorite aspect of the school!

Favorite memory at Connecticut College:
My favorite memory at Connecticut College has to be Halloween weekend. It’s so much fun dressing up with friends in our dorms, blasting music, and doing our makeup. We typically go to the school's late-night events and I love to see everyone else dressed up. It’s such a good time.

Favorite activity in New London or the region:
My favorite activity in the New London area is going to Supercharged. It's an entertainment spot with go-kart racing, an arcade, and a trampoline park.

Move in Day

- The Experience, Giana De La Cruz ’24

My tan line is fresh from the week before
My car full of blankets, decorations and pillows
My parents are ahead in their own car
Grandma is there too, she insists on coming
My music is blasting and my window is down
I love driving on the highway
My smile is from ear to ear
My hair blowing in the wind, but I don’t mind

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