Coming into my first semester at Conn, I had my mind set on majoring in Behavioral Neuroscience. I told all my friends, family members and high school teachers I would go on to medical school after graduating from Conn and study neuropsychology. That same semester, I took on the normal four-course load with Cell Biology, Chemistry, Toxins and The Nervous System (my First-Year Seminar) and a Chinese philosophy course. As we inched closer to winter break, however, I realized that I, in fact, did not want to major in Behavioral Neuroscience. I normally like to be certain about major things in my life, so being unsure about my major was more than unsettling.

In the spring, I enrolled in four completely new courses, ones I ended up enjoying much more than my fall semester courses. I was in Intro to Psychology, Building Culture (an art history and architectural studies course), Photography I and Acting I. About two weeks into the spring semester, I noticed how much I liked the psychology course I was taking and decided I should major in that subject. Then, with the help of a few friends, I realized that I had a passion for acting and wanted to pursue it, so I would also major in theater. I absolutely fell in love with the material we were covering in Building Culture, and after talking with the professor and class dean, Emily Morash, I decided to pick up Architectural Studies as my minor. I was all set, or so I thought.

Although no major changes have occurred with my studies since then, I’ve since taken more theater and psychology courses. It wasn’t until this current spring semester that I realized that psychology was only an interest and that theater was my true passion. Going with that, I recently changed my psychology major to a minor. Now I’m only majoring in theater. Having already chosen my courses for next semester, I can honestly say I’m genuinely more excited about school and can’t wait for the start of my junior year at Conn.

In retrospect, I can’t say I regret taking any of the courses I’ve taken thus far. They’ve all allowed me to learn and grow both as a person and an artist. This isn’t to say that I found “better” courses in the spring or that there was some sort of curse around my fall courses. Rather, it just so happened that the courses I decided to take both spring semesters I’ve been at Conn have helped me solidify my career goals and identify what my actual passions are.

Looking ahead, I can’t wait to see what more I find out about myself and my future through the courses I take. And if next spring brings something new, I’m ready for whatever it is.