The spring semester of my first year, I took a course called Building Culture. A course cross-listed in both the art history and architectural studies departments, it focused on the history of various art movements, how they were introduced by the social climate, and how they influenced architecture. One day in class we focused on modern architecture and Phillip Johnson, a renowned architect, for his Glass House in New Canaan, Connecticut. Last weekend, I got to travel to the Glass House with the Department of Architectural Studies for an in-depth tour. Here are some of best moments and features I was able to capture!

The Glass House itself in all its modern, minimalist glory.

A photograph of the exterior of the Glass House, which is almost entirely see-through

The beautiful view from the house of its multi-acre “backyard,” showcasing the Pavilion in the Pond and the Monument to Lincoln Kirstein.

A photo of the view from the porch of the Glass House. Overlooks a pond, pavilion, and additional green space

An original couch designed by German-American architect Mies van der Rohe for the living room.

A photo of a couch in the living room of the Glass House. The brown-leather modern couch sits on a white carpet over a herringbone laid brick floor.

A sneak-peek at one of three commissioned installations by artist Jennie C. Jones, currently in the Painting Gallery.

Hanged drawings of an installation in the Glass House by Jennie C. Jones

Just a couple of friends’ faces. (clockwise from top-right: Grace Mennell ’19, me, Loulou Broderick ’20)

The eyes and foreheads of three students peer into the camera lens with copper ceiling above.