Lexi Pope does Buti Yoga on a dock in the settings sun
Yoga in the sunset

Everyone has their own way of clearing their head. Maybe that’s going for a walk, playing a game or taking a drive. For me, I turn to my yoga practice. About two years ago I discovered Buti Yoga. I immediately fell in love with this type of yoga and have been practicing it ever since. With its upbeat music and incorporated dance, it helps me release energy. Buti Yoga not only puts me in a good mood but doubles as my workout. The practice also consists of breathing awareness and patterns, creating a sense of clarity and focus in times that I am stressed or feel distracted. All these aspects of the practice have taught me how to ground myself and create a better sense of self-awareness. As someone who previously struggled with injuries from sports, this has been a healthy and healing form of exercise. Buti Yoga has led me to find not only a new passion but a healthy way to de-stress after a busy day of sitting in class. 

This past January, I had the opportunity to become certified to teach Buti Yoga. After traveling to New Jersey, where I was trained over a weekend and passed my demo, I reached out to the fitness center director at the College, William Wuyke, to ask if I would be able to teach a class here at Conn. After meeting him and explaining what Buti Yoga entails, he was happy to put me on the schedule. I currently have a class each Tuesday evening at the Athletic Center. Since this class has been such a success, I started looking to see if local studios would be interested in classes before I head home for the summer. A friend mentioned a great studio in Mystic, so I reached out to them explaining my practice. I was very excited to hear back from them. They asked me to hold a pop-up class at their studio. Buti Yoga has given me not just personal benefits but the ability to share something that I love. As I prepare to head back home for summer I am so excited to return to a job that I truly love and to continue to bring my excitement for Buti Yoga from studio to studio.