Occupant Responsibilities and Procedures:


  1. EVACUATE - Upon the hearing the alarm, immediately exit the building and report to the Designated Assembly Area. DO NOT use the elevator (if equipped), as it may shut down, trapping occupants inside.
  2. ASSIST - Assist disabled individuals from the building. If the disabled individual is unable to evacuate for any reason, assist them to an "area of refuge” in an enclosed stairwell, or room with an exterior window. Call 911 and provide your location. Stuff clothing/towels under the door to keep smoke out.
  3. CHECK IN - Report to your House Fellow, supervisor or faculty member who will be conducting roll call. Communicate the whereabouts of occupants who have not answered the roll call, and are known to be elsewhere.
  4. REPORT - Stay calm and report any pertinent information (Smoke, flames, smells, etc.)
  5. OBEY - Follow all instructions, and do not interfere with emergency responders. DO NOT attempt to reenter the building for any reason, until the “All Clear” is sounded.

Find the "Designated Assembly Area" for your building by clicking on the appropriate link below:

33 Gallows Ln 191 Mohegan Ave
360 Mohegan Ave 740 Williams St
768 Williams St Abbey House
Becker House Bill Hall
Blackstone House Blaustein Humanities Ctr
Bolles House Branford House
Buck Lodge Burdick House
Crozier-Williams Student Ctr Cummings Art Ctr
Dayton Arena Earth House
Fanning Hall Freeman House
Hale Laboratory Hamilton House
Harkness Chapel Harkness House
Harris Refectory Higdon Fitness Ctr
Hillel House Hillyer Hall
Holmes Hall Horizon Admissions
Jane Addams House Johnson House
Katherine Blunt House Knowlton House
Lambdin House Larrabee House
Lazrus House Lott Natatorium
Luce Fieldhouse MOBROC Barn
Morrisson House New London Hall
NIchols House Olin Science Ctr
Palmer Auditorium Park House
Plant House Powerhouse
River Ridge Apts Service Building
Steel House (130 Mohegan Ave) Strickland House
Unity House Vinal Cottage
Warshuis Student Health Ctr Winchester Road Apts
Windham House Winslow-Ames House
Winthrop Annex Winthrop Hall
Woodsworth House Wright House