Whether you are a born leader destined to be SGA president or just want to learn what goes into running a club, we've got opportunities for you. Jump right into a student leadership position, or learn what it means to lead in one of our student leadership development programs.

Emerging Leaders Conference

This annual one day conference provides an opportunity for students who are starting their leadership journey to connect with each other and learn about what it means to be a leader at Connecticut College. You can read about the inaugural conference here

Sophomore Leadership Program

The Sophomore Leadership Program, which takes place in the Fall semester, is a 10-week workshop series designed for sophomore students to take a deep dive into exploring leadership as a process. Over the course of the 10 weeks students will explore and develop their strengths, personal values, and leadership skills. Participation in the program is highly competitive and the selection process takes place in the Spring semester for the upcoming Fall. 

Student Organization Training Day 

Student Organization Training Day is a day-long program in the fall providing leadership training for the executive board and active members of student organizations in the Connecticut College community. Training Day brings students together to learn the nuts and bolts of managing their organization and the “how to’s” of the College. These important leadership tenets will help you to be more successful in a leadership role and presents the opportunity to network with other student organizations.

Leadership Excellence Recognition Program

At the end of the academic year, the Office of Student Engagement recognize the contributions and service of student leaders with awards of excellence. Learn more. 

Student Leadership Positions

Here are just a few of the leadership positions available to you:

Career Fellows 

Career fellows in the Hale Center for Career Development assist the College's professional career advisers. As a fellow, you'll be trained to help your peers develop portfolios, resumes and cover letters. You'll also meet one-on-one with students early in their educational career to help match them with a career adviser.

ALANA Sisters and Brothers

ALANA (African American, Latino/a, Asian American and Native American) Sisters and Brothers (ASBs) are peer mentors who are selected and trained to assist first-year students as they adjust to life at Connecticut College. As an ALANA Sister/Brother, you serve as a role model and a resource for younger students.

Residential Student Staff

Housefellows and floor governors are residence house student staff members. Housefellows serve as paid undergraduate residence house directors supervised by the Office of Residential Education and Living. Floor governors are sophomores, juniors and seniors whose primary role is to develop a positive residential community.

House Council

The House Council works under the leadership and guidance of the floor governor in each residence house. Councils are comprised of elected representatives for the following positions:

  • House Environmental Representative (serves as liaison with the Office of Sustainability)
  • House Community Partnerships Representative (serves as liaison with the Community Partnerships office)
  • Senator
  • House SAC Representative
  • Floor Representative
  • First-Year House Representative

Community Partnerships Leaders

Community Partnership student leaders work with staff, faculty and community members to build a culture of civic engagement through a wide range of programs and community learning and volunteer placements.

Peer Advisers

Peer Advisers comprise a large and varied group of student volunteers who help first-year students adjust to college life. These include an international adviser, student advisers and student adviser coordinators. Student advisers welcome new students on arrival day and help them get settled in their residence house and room, provide academic support for fall registration, facilitate social connections and participate in the week's Orientation activities and events, for example.

Student Government Association

The Student Government Association (SGA) considers issues and formulates policies in areas primarily or exclusively involving the student body, such as social, academic and co-curricular policies. The SGA is comprised of an Executive Board, Class Presidents, various committees, the Student Activities Council (SAC) and Student Academic Advisory Boards.