The Connecticut College Co-Sponsorship Fund Committee (CSFC) allocates funds to students, faculty, and staff to support educational programming and engagement opportunities outside of the classroom. The CSFC includes representatives from the President's Office as well as the Deans' offices. The CSFC will meet regularly to review program proposals, support the development of intended outcomes and assessment plans, and identify opportunities for collaboration to enhance experiential learning for our community by minimizing cost for participation. However, in certain cases, participants may be expected to incur personal costs. CSFC intends to enhance experiential learning for members of our community; therefore, the committee will not financially support philanthropic donations.

Fall/Spring 2023-2024 Meetings

Every other Tuesday beginning September 12, 2023 through May 7, 2024

Room 224, College Center at Crozier-Williams


  • To coordinate efforts to fund collaborative programs, events, and initiatives by academic departments or programs, student clubs and organizations, and groups within the Connecticut College community;
  • To enhance the quality and effectiveness of collaborative programs by establishing a funding request process that emphasizes learning and operational outcomes and program assessment;
  • To identify opportunities for greater collaboration across campus;
  • To streamline the funding raising process for all involved parties; and
  • To achieve efficiencies through identification of alternative approaches.


  1. Funding requests must reflect the Mission and Values of Connecticut College.
  2. Funding requests must prioritize student learning and the impact on the college and local community and innovation.
  3. Student funding requests must be sponsored by members of the Connecticut College campus community (i.e. Undergraduate or graduate students, faculty, and/or staff) and the sponsoring member's contact information included. 
  4. Sponsoring groups must have a well-conceived and detailed plan for publicizing the event/program.
  5. Committee does not fund events after they have occurred or individual student coursework.
  6. Funding requests must not conflict with the scheduling of other major campus events. Groups should contact the Events Office at for on campus programming or work with other relevant on campus community members to assist in event planning to avoid schedule conflicts.
  7. The committee encourages submissions in a timely fashion. Proposals should be received no less than three weeks prior to event. The earlier a submission is received, the better organized an event can be.
  8. The program must take place within the current fiscal/academic year. Connecticut College’s fiscal year begins on July 1st and ends on June 30 each year.
  9. Funding recipients are expected to submit a mandatory evaluation following the completion of their event. Failure to submit an evaluation will result in future loss of CSFC funding.
  10. Applications are reviewed using a rubric that encompasses the above criteria.

To apply for funding, please complete the following request form: