Do it all

Our production classes teach you how to be a director, screenwriter, editor, sound designer - and so much more. In contrast to the specialized division of labor of the professional-style crew system used in a traditional "film school;" here at Connecticut College, you'll learn how to do it all.  And since our introductory level courses get you to write, direct, shoot, and edit three or more films per semester, you'll leave with a lot of films in your portfolio.

Filmmaking students at work

Work with a crew

In our upper-level production courses, you'll write/direct/edit a film with a partner and assemble a larger crew of classmates inside and out of class. Typical crews in FLM 310 and 410 consist of the following: Assistant Director, Director of Photography, Gaffer, Light Techs, Grips, and Sound.

More than HD video

We use the term "film" not to designate a particular technology, but a particular category of creative practice. We do 16mm film, too!


Filmmaking courses

Our introductory production courses are:

FLM 210: Fundamentals of Motion Picture Production
FLM 220: Documentary Theory and Production
FLM 238: Screenwriting

Our intermediate production courses are:

FLM 297: Special Topics in Film Production 
FLM 310: Representation and Ideology in Motion Picture Production 
FLM 320: Experimental Film: History and Practice
FLM 393, 394: Individual Study in Motion Picture Production

Our advanced production courses are:

FLM 210: Fundamentals of Motion Picture Production 
FLM 220: Documentary Theory and Production 
FLM 238: Screenwriting