Major in film studies at Connecticut College and you will learn theory and scholarship, gain professional film production skills, and produce your own creative work. As a budding film scholar, you will critically analyze the moving image in many forms, including documentary, Hollywood and national cinema, avant-garde and experimental film, and television. As a fledgling filmmaker, you will develop the technical expertise and authorial voice to write, shoot, and edit your own creative projects. Our major integrates film theory and practice. Watch the Film Studies Video.  

On the Cutting Edge

As a major, you will develop moving picture literacy and become thoughtful and socially responsible producers.  You will read books, articles, essays and blogs. You will analyze, interpret and construct both written and visual arguments – and your films will interrogate how images are constructed on the other side of the lens. When you graduate you will join alums who are award-winning writers, critics, cinematographers, producers, editors, directors, writers, documentarians, artists, advertisers, scholars, teachers, grad students and authors.

The Liberal Arts in (Lights, Camera,) Action

While you make your own short films, you will learn screenwriting, producing, directing, cinematography, editing, lighting, sound recording and mixing, marketing and festival distribution. Our production courses use 4k UHD video equipment. While enrolled in upper-level production courses, you have access to an impressive array of professional cinema lights, a professional dolly with track, a 12-foot crane, camera gimbals, Glidecams and shoulder-mount rigs, wireless audio kits and 16mm film cameras. Our editing lab is accessible 24/7 and is fully equipped with Adobe Creative Cloud and various audio recording/mixing software.

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