Sustainable Projects Fund

The Sustainable Projects Fund (SPF) provides financial support to students who have an idea for a project related to sustainability. The SPF is financed by a $25 annual fee that is renewed every three years by a student referendum. Any student can apply for funding from the SPF for projects or events that are related to holistic sustainability. Priority will be given to proposals that support all three pillars of sustainability (environmental protection, social justice and economic justice). Funds are allocated through a proposal process overseen by the Student Government Association and the Office of Sustainability.

Interested in applying for funding? Here are your next steps:

  1. Reach out to the SGA Chair of Sustainability with a brief description of your idea. They can help guide you to important contacts and to other funding sources if they don’t think your idea meets the requirements of the SPF.
  2. Start to fill out the Sustainable Projects Fund Proposal. This form will ask you for details on your project, the budget, and how it relates to the different aspects of sustainability (environmental, social and economic).
  3. Send your draft proposal to important campus stakeholders and the Office of Sustainability for feedback.
  4. Have these contacts sign your proposal if they support your idea. NOTE: A representative from the Office of Sustainability must sign your proposal for it to proceed to a vote in SGA.
  5. Finalize your SPF Proposal Form and write a resolution to accompany your proposal. The Chair of Sustainability can assist you. They will then add your presentation to the next SGA meeting agenda.
  6. Present to SGA at one of their meetings. 
  7. The following week, they will vote on your proposal. A majority is required for the proposal to pass.
  8. Work with the Office of Sustainability and the Office of Student Engagement to implement your idea!