A large variety of opportunities exist in Connecticut College's department of physics, astronomy and geophysics, for both curricular options and research.

The department offers a major in physics, with concentrations in astrophysics, physics education and physics and engineering, and minors in astronomy and geology. We also offer opportunities for self-designed studies in geophysics.

Research facilities include:

  • a 1 MV ion accelerator (one of 4 at an undergraduate institution in the country)
  • the state's largest 6-meter recirculating flume, used to replicate flow in natural rivers
  • a photonics lab where work is being done on the interface of light and electronics, and
  • an observatory with a 20-inch telescope

All the research facilities are open for student participation in the research with faculty. This often results in the student being co-authors, or even first authors in publications in major research journals.