Q: What is CCPay?

CCPay is Connecticut College's online e-billing/e-payment system.

Q: Is the CCPay system secure?

Yes. We have contracted with Nelnet Business Services Inc. to design CCPay using a combination of firewall systems, encryption and intrusion detection to protect data.

Q: Am I automatically enrolled in CCPay?

No. Active students must authenticate themselves by logging on to the CCPay system. Once logged in, you will receive an email when there is a statement available to view/pay.

Q: If someone else besides the student pays the bills, is that person automatically enrolled?

No. Students must register parents, guardians and others as authorized payers. (See "Authorized Payers" below for instructions.) The College cannot automatically enroll others due to the U.S. Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).

Q: How do I log in to CCPay?

Students access the online system from Banner Self-Service by clicking Student on the main menu and then the CCPay link. After parents, guardians and others are authorized as payers by their students, they may access the secure system from their own computers using their own unique login ID and password.

Q: How does my student set me up to view accounts and pay bills?

In CCPay, students will select "Authorize Payer" on the left navigation bar and follow the instructions to create a user name and password for their authorized payer. The authorized payer will then receive an e-mail with the user name. Some things to know:

  • Students must provide the e-mail address of the person to be authorized as a payer.
  • The login name for the authorized payer is uppercase/lowercase sensitive.
  • The password students create will NOT be in the email the authorized payer receives, so students need to provide authorized payers with the password.

Q: What information can I access as an authorized payer?

Authorized payers have complete access to their own student's CCPay account.

Q: Do authorized payers receive email notifications when a bill is available?

Yes, students and their authorized payers will receive these emails.

Q: How do authorized payers log in to CCPay?

Authorized payers log in to the online system here: https://quikpayasp.com/conncoll/studentaccounts/authorized.do

Q: How many authorized payers can a student set up?

Students can have up to five (5) authorized payers active at any one time.

Q: What if an authorized payer forgets his/her user name and/or password?

S/he can obtain the user name or reset the password from the Authorized Payer login screen.

Q: Can an authorized payer be removed from the account?

The student may revoke the access of an authorized payer at any time.

Q: Can authorized payers add other authorized payers?

No, only students may add authorized payers.

Q: Can students set up alternate (non-Connecticut College) email addresses for notifications?

The student's Connecticut College e-mail address is used for all official College communications and it is where all CCPay emails will be sent. However, a student can add a secondary email address by visiting the User Preferences section of CCPay.

Q: I did not receive an electronic bill. Why?

You may not owe anything. Check your Account Summary on CCPay.

You should also add bursar@conncoll.edu to your email address book so CCPay emails don't get flagged as spam or junk mail.

Q: The e-bill balance does not match the amount shown on the CCPay Account Summary. Why?

Your CCPay Account Summary shows activity for the current term, while your e-bill shows activity only up to the date it was issued.

Q: How can I pay e-bills?

There are three ways to pay:

- by eCheck (ACH debit to your checking or savings account). Your eCheck must be in U.S. dollars ($) and drawn on a United States bank.
- by mail
- by wire transfer

Q: Does CCPay accept credit cards?

Credit cards are not accepted for payment of the comprehensive fee. However, MasterCard, Visa and Discover are accepted via CCPay for payment of deposits and miscellaneous charges, with a transaction limit of $1,000.

Q: Are there service charges for paying the comprehensive fee with an eCheck or paying for deposits or miscellaneous charges with a credit card?

No. The only charge you might incur is a returned payment fee of $25 should there be insufficient funds in the account you are using. This fee will be added to the student account.

Q: What is the Payment Profile?

The Payment Profile feature allows you to enter your payment information (name, account number, billing address, etc.) once, so you do not have to enter it each time you make a payment electronically.

Q: Can a student view an authorized payer’s Payment Profile or payment information such as banking or savings account number?

No, that information can only be viewed by the authorized payer.

Q: Will I receive an acknowledgement when I’ve made an electronic payment?

Yes, you will get an email acknowledging that a payment was received.

Q: Can I pay the total, up-to-date balance on the account?

Yes. You can find your total account balance by clicking "View Account" and then "Account Status."

Q: What if I don’t want to pay electronically through CCPay?

You may print your bill (a PDF version is available in the "View Accounts" section of CCPay) and mail it with a paper check to the address below. Checks should be made payable to "Connecticut College" and drawn on a United States bank in U.S. dollars ($). Please include the student’s name and Connecticut College ID number on the check to avoid delays in processing the payment. The same due dates applies to payments made electronically or by check, so please allow sufficient mailing time.

Connecticut College
Attn: Bursar
Office of the Controller
270 Mohegan Avenue
New London, CT 06320

If you would like to make a payment via wire transfer, contact bursar@conncoll.edu or call 860-439-2079.