Connecticut College is accredited by the New England Commission of Higher Education (NECHE) and has been so continuously since December 1932. (Prior to 2018, NECHE was known as the Commission on Institutions of Higher Education of the New England Association of Schools and Colleges.) Information about the College's accreditation status, as well as how to comment on or register complaints about compliance with the Commission's accreditation criteria, may be found at the NECHE website.

Connecticut College's most recent comprehensive review took place in Spring 2018. A component of that review—the institutional self-study—was led by a steering committee co-chaired by Abby Van Slyck, then dean of the faculty, and Jeff Strabone, associate professor of English. The committee included the faculty and staff chairs of nine subcommittees, one for each of the Standards for Accreditation

Read the College's April 2018 NECHE reaccreditation self-study.

Read the June 2018 final report of the NECHE visiting committee.

Read President Bergeron's response to the visiting team report.

Read the letter from NECHE affirming the College's reaccreditation.


In January 2023, the College submitted its interim fifth-year report to NECHE. This is a shorter report than the decennial self-study and updates the Commission on the College's work over the past five years and our plans for the next five years, leading up to our 2028 comprehensive review.

Read the fifth-year interim report.

Read the April 2023 letter from NECHE responding to our interim report.

In its April 2023 letter to the College, NECHE asked us to prepare and submit a progress report in spring 2024 "that gives emphasis to the institution’s success in (1) implementing its financial plans and strategies; (2) implementing changes to and evaluating the effectiveness of its faculty governance processes; and (3) achieving its goals for diversity, equity, and inclusion."  The report submitted by the College in January 2024 is below, as is the positive response by NECHE accepting the report.

Read the progress report

Read the April 2024 letter from NECHE responding to our progress report.