Visualization Wall

students posing in front of the visualization wall in Shain Library

The Diane Y. Williams ’59 Visualization Wall was unveiled in the new Technology Commons of the renovated Shain Library in March 2015. Unlike most visualization walls at academic institutions, which are often located within science departments or serve primarily as public informational display systems, our wall is used specifically as a vehicle for course content, activities, and projects across disciplines.

The wall’s high-resolution 8’x4’ display is framed by an interactivity kit, which provides touch-enabled control. The system allows for simultaneous display of multiple inputs, including mobile devices, computers, laptops, cameras, and more.

Since its installation, over 1400 students in more than 100 courses have had the opportunity to use it in a wide variety of projects and presentations.



If you are interested in taking advantage of the wall’s ability to display multiple devices (computers, laptops, tablets, smart phones, media players, cable TV, etc.) simultaneously, its touch-enabled interactive screen or 4k resolution, please contact Lyndsay Bratton for more information and scheduling.

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