Vincent Thompson

Senior Lecturer in Mathematics and Statistics

B.S., California Maritime Academy
M.A., Connecticut College



Introductory Math


Vince Thompson began his career at Connecticut College in 2011 as an adjunct professor and took on as visiting lecturer in mathematics in 2013. Thompson primarily teaches introductory courses and is skilled at presenting mathematics and statistics in a way that is accessible to students who may approach learning math with apprehension.

Thompson has taught introductory math, introductory statistics, and calculus, focusing on teaching and thinking through math while helping students to better understand mathematical concepts.

Thompson spent 23 years as a merchant marine officer and holds a captain's license. Before arriving at Conn, Thompson taught math at the high school level and continues to be certified for secondary math education in Connecticut. His lengthy career working on a variety of ships, including oil tankers, containerships and bulk carriers, combined with his experience as a high school math teacher and as a musician add another dimension to his teaching that makes him especially effective in reaching his students.

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