Tek-wah King

Tek-wah King

Senior Lecturer in Chinese

B.A., National Taiwan University
M.A., Yale University
Ph.D. in progress, Yale University


Syntax and morphology

Chinese writing system and dialects

Language pedagogy

Since joining the College, Tek-wah King has developed and taught a total of 14 Chinese language courses from the elementary up through the classical level. Devoted to the improving of student learning effect in the foreign language classroom, he stresses the importance of solid technicalities and regularly brings to the classroom innovative pedagogical designs.

Professor King's offerings include Intensive Intermediate Chinese I & II, where he appeals to etymological findings and pen-calligraphic principles to inform the teaching of Chinese characters, and has created modules utilizing the formats of on-site language practicum and technology-aided presentation.

His assembly of eight sets of cultural collages with a view to enhancing the retention and activation of linguistic skills in content-enriched contexts was accepted for presentation at the Second Conference on Technology and Chinese Language Teaching in the 21st Century, held at Yale University in June, 2002.

Tek-wah King is a continuing Ph.D. student in the Department of Linguistics at Yale University. His research work centers on clausal syntax of Mandarin Chinese.

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"In learning a foreign language we are oftentimes learning a prestige dialect. That this dialect may not be linguistically more superior to its many socio-geographical variants reveals the arbitrary side to such a quest." - Tek-wah King

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