Augustine B. "Tina" O'Keefe

Augustine B.

Associate Professor of Mathematics

Joined Connecticut College: 2014

Ph.D., Tulane University
M.A., Wake Forest University
B.S., James Madison University


Commutative algebra

Topological Combinatorics

Augustine O'Keefe's research lies at the intersection of commutative algebra, combinatorics, and topology. In particular, she is interested in monomial and toric binomial  ideals defined from combinatorial objects such as discrete graphs and simplicial complexes. The overarching goal is then to get a handle on the algebraic structure of the ideal by utilizing the combinatorial  and topological structure of the defining object. The advantage to building this connection is that combinatorial objects lend themselves to running small examples in order to find overall patterns. Having concrete objects to play with, makes this area of mathematics particularly suitable for undergraduate research. 

Professor O'Keefe teaches a wide array of courses in the mathematics curriculum, from our 100-level calculus sequence to our 300- and 400-level major courses. 

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Majoring in Mathematics.

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