Student clubs and organizations

Connecticut College students have established and maintain a variety of student organizations that promote academic and professional growth. Student organizations and clubs have been developed to assist students in drawing parallels between academic content and real world experiences. Each organization provides students with the opportunity to engage with the community to build lasting relationships with people from the surrounding area, professors and students who share similar interests.

Connecticut College Law Society

Students looking to expand their knowledge of law are advised to become members of Connecticut College's Law Society, which acts as an umbrella organization comprising the Mock Trial Team, Debate Team and Pre-Law Club. The Connecticut College's Law Society's goal is to expose students to all aspects of a legal career while providing opportunities to engage in panel discussions with legal professionals, take part in mock trial and debate competitions, and tour law schools.

Law schools are interested in seeing how a student can apply academic content to activities, organizations and clubs that are outside of their major, while holding a leadership position. There is a great variety of student organizations on campus and students interested in pre-law are encouraged to explore all of the organizations and participate, not only in those pertaining to law, but in those that interest them. This is your opportunity to explore organizations and clubs that align with your interests and passions.

Community learning 

Engaging in Community Learning allows candidates for pre-law graduate programs to continue to develop and strengthen their skills. There are a number of community/service-learning experiences. In addition to these programs, Connecticut College offers a variety of community learning courses that link community-based components to a real-world setting.

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