The Hale Center's Flexible Funding program provides you access to funds you can use to engage in career-focused internships and other opportunities to enhance your competitive edge over four years.

Want to attend a professional conference? Job shadow an alum in a field of interest? Pursue an internship at a startup? We’ve got you.

The Flexible Funding Program allows you to explore opportunities as early as your first year. Participation in the Career Preparation Course makes you eligible to submit an Action Plan for flexible funds. We are one of only a handful of colleges in the country that offers all students funding opportunities for internships and career preparation during all four years.  


My career adviser was able to see the pattern that existed in my classes, internships and activities to help me create a compelling narrative about my previous experiences. As a result, I landed a paid internship. I’m so excited about my career journey.

Emma Furgueson ’21