Race and Ethnicity Programs Facilities at Unity House

At Unity House, we foster a welcoming communal environment where students, staff, faculty and alumni can share in the creation and the practice of pluralistic living.

Race and Ethnicity Programs at Unity House, as a facility, serves as a gathering place for students, staff, faculty and alumni of diverse backgrounds and interests. Rooms within the house are used for events, meetings, studying and lounging. Unity House contains administrative offices, a multipurpose room (Pepsico Room), a kitchen, a small library and a student lounge. Some of these rooms can be reserved through EMS or ConnQuest. Every day you can find students of all backgrounds sharing in the community as they find spaces of comfort in our lounge areas. We also host culturally affirming and educational programs during our various cultural-themed events.

We cultivate leadership skills for students active in the various student organizations affiliated with Race and Ethnicity Programs. We create mentorship and academic programming that contributes to students' growth throughout their four years at Connecticut College.

We strive to create a supportive and welcoming environment for all students while upholding our commitment to serve students from historically marginalized populations.

PepsiCo Room

(Dedicated May 3, 1991)
This room was given by the PepsiCo Foundation in honor of Harvey C. Russell, former vice president for community affairs at PepsiCo and trustee of Connecticut College from 1981-1991. Functions and events are held here, ranging from cultural discussions to musical performances. It is open for use by members of the campus community. For reservations, please contact Dulmarie Irizarry at 860-439-2628 two weeks prior to your event.


The kitchen at Unity House multicultural center The kitchen is available for campus community members who wish to provide food for events held at Unity House, or to treat themselves and their friends to a home-cooked meal. For reservations, please contact Dulmarie Irizarry at 860-439-2628 two weeks prior to your event.