Our focus on wellbeing and health promotion provides a variety of different learning experiences. To support academic success, we work with students to explore their strengths to succeed both in and outside of the classroom. We are eager collaborates with our campus and community partners.

We encourage students to explore YOU@Conn for more answers around navigating college life, setting goals, and wellbeing. (log in using your conncoll credentials).

Programs and outreach

The Office of Wellbeing and Health Promotion:

  • Works closely with Office of Student Life to integrate services, education and outreach
  • Implements student leader training on the intersection of wellbeing and health and their leadership position
  • Collaborates with Orientation and the First Year Seminar program hosting workshops about wellbeing, mindfulness, and navigating the college life.
  • Collaborates with student leaders and peer educators to create innovative and engaging programs
  • Collaborates with faculty to develop wellbeing and health learning in classroom
  • Conducts alcohol and other drug educational interventions
  • Works closely with Student Health Services and  Student Counseling Services to coordinate follow up on student referrals

For upcoming events, check out ConnCollWellbeing on social media and log into ConnQuest!