Stay connected with your classmates, and help others do the same! From helping plan your Reunion Weekend, to encouraging your classmates to give back, there are plenty of ways to get involved.

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Class Gift Officer

Connecticut College's Class Gift Officers boost alumni giving in partnership with CC Fund staff.

Class Gift Officers (CGOs) have a very specific job of reaching out to classmates to help increase alumni giving participation in the CC Fund. CGOs are passionate about Conn and keep alumni connected by creating a sense of community among classmates. 

Why Volunteer?

Class Gift Officers are crucial to the success of the Connecticut College Fund and help increase overall participation and dollars to the College. Alumni are three times more likely to donate when asked to do so by a peer. By encouraging classmates to give, you share experiences, successes and why you choose to give. Your influence helps create opportunities for Conn students today and into the future.

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Class Managers

Interested in becoming a Class Gift Officer? Contact Emily Evans, Assistant Director of Annual Giving at or 860-439-2413.

Camel Athletic Network Champion 

Camel Athletics Network (CAN) Champions have a specific job of representing their team and reaching out to fellow alumni athletes to help increase alumni participation in the Camel Athletics Fund.

CAN Champions are passionate about Conn's student-athlete experience and play a critical role in keeping alumni connected to athletics at Conn.

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Challenge Agent

Connecticut College's Challenge Agent program is a MICRO-volunteering opportunity for alumni to make the greatest impact during time-sensitive fundraising campaigns.

Challenge Agents (CAs) are enthusiastic supporters of Conn and are critical in promoting, advocating for, and sharing the impact of CC Fund campaigns to alumni.

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Elected Class Officers

Class Volunteer Handbook

Class Correspondent

Class Correspondents organize class notes for publication in the Connecticut College Magazine based on guidelines provided by the Office of Communications. The Correspondent notifies the Office of Alumni and Parent Engagement of any changes in classmate contact information (mailing address, email address, name changes, passing of a classmate, etc.). Reciprocally, the Office of Alumni Engagement will notify the Class President and Class Correspondent upon learning of life-changes and the passing of a classmate (upon receipt of an obituary). This role is filled upon graduation with elections taking place every five years during Reunion.

Submit class notes by the following deadlines by emailing, through the online submission form or by mail:
March 1 (Spring CC Magazine issue)
August 1 (Fall CC Magazine issue)
December 1 (Winter CC Magazine issue)

Questions or concerns?
Office of Alumni and Parent Engagement: (860) 439-2300
Office of Communications: (860) 439-2500

Class Correspondent Handbook


The Class President assists in keeping the class connected and informed as alumni, helping support other class officers and volunteers in fulfilling officer duties. The President attends College-sponsored events, serves as a member of the class Reunion Committee, supports the Connecticut College Fund through an annual gift and writes an annual Fall Class Letter. The Class President also stays in close touch with the Office of Alumni and Parent Engagement and the Class Correspondent with regard to updates or changes in the lives of classmates (mailing address, email address, name, passing of a classmate, etc.).

This role is filled upon graduation with elections taking place every five years during Reunion.

Vice President

The Vice President represents the President when necessary, and becomes Class President upon the resignation of the Class President. The VP attends College-sponsored events, serves as a member of the class Reunion Committee and makes an annual gift to the College. Classes 2019 and younger will no longer fill a postgraduate position for Vice President. 



Reunion Committees work with the Connecticut College Advancement team to plan and implement the College’s Reunion celebration held each May/June. An excellent opportunity to reconnect with classmates, the Committee engages in conference calls and email group discussions to help plan Reunion and fundraise for their class. Committee members encourage classmates to attend Reunion and promote giving back to the College. Positions on the Committee include: Chair, Committee Member, Camel Athletics Representative and the 1911 Society Representative. All class volunteers are encouraged to be a part of the Reunion Committee.


The Reunion Chair works closely with College Advancement staff to lead the class Reunion Committee through planning and fundraising efforts. The Chair recruits and encourages Committee members, and promotes coming back and giving back to all classmates. The Reunion Chair must attend Reunion, all necessary planning meetings and make a gift to the College.

Committee Member

As a Reunion Committee Member, alumni work with the Chair and College Advancement Staff to plan and implement Reunion celebrations for classmates. Committee Members return for Reunion and give back, while encouraging classmates to do the same.

Camel Athletics Representative

The Camel Athletics Representative is an athletics-alumni who contributes to the planning of all athletics-specific programming during Reunion, as well as fundraises on behalf of the Camel Athletics Network.

1911 Society Representative

Understanding the importance of leadership giving, the 1911 Society Representative encourages fellow classmates to give back to the College at a leadership level during the class’s Reunion year and beyond.

Reunion Gift Committee Member

Reunion Gift Committee volunteers partner with the Connecticut College Office of Advancement to reach out to alumni to encourage reunion attendance and philanthropic support. Volunteering during your Reunion year is an excellent opportunity to reconnect with classmates, engage with Conn, and fundraise for your reunion class gift effort.

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Senior Class Gift Committee

Following its “Three Pillars of Generosity, Leadership and Legacy,” the Senior Class Gift Committee works together to fundraise, create community and educate classmates on the importance of the Connecticut College Fund. All Committee members are nominated by staff, faculty or peers. Those who do not receive a nomination may apply to be a part of the Committee. Committee members may also apply to hold the position of Committee Chair, Events Chair, Marketing Chair or Camel Athletics Network Chair.

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