Graduates of the Last Decade (G.O.L.D.) make up close to one quarter of the alumni body. There are some great ways for you to stay connected.

It starts with your address

If we have your email and your street address, you’ll get invitations to special events, announcements and news updates. You should be receiving CC Magazine three times a year in the mail and the alumni newsletter once a month by email. If you're not, update your contact information by emailing

You should also join the Alumni Online Community, the Alumni Facebook page and our LinkedIn group. These are the best resources for networking, keeping up with other alumni and staying current on College news and events.

The 1911 Society for Recent Graduates

This giving society recognizes the support and commitment of young alumni. Visit the 1911 Society page for more information about this program. 

G.O.L.D. Events

The College organizes a variety of events for GOLD alumni across the United States. These include "Welcome to the City" receptions, holiday parties in New York and Boston, and reunions for the one-year-out, fifth and tenth years. All are great fun — and a terrific way to stay connected and meet other alumni.

5th and 10th Reunion

Members of the 5th Reunion class always turn out in high numbers at Reunion Weekend. In the past few years, well over 100 members of Reunion classes have returned to campus.

The 10th Reunion is also a much-anticipated event. Many alumni bring spouses to meet their classmates, while others bring new babies to see the College for the first time.

Both reunions are great opportunities to catch up with classmates and professors, reconnect with the campus, and support the College.

This should be updated to read: Have questions about GOLD programming? Contact the Connecticut College Fund by phone: (800) 888-7549, or email: