Before Online Registration:

  • Watch the video tutorials for our new registration system. 
  • Review scheduled classes with Browse Scheduled Classes.
    • Click on class titles for course content and eligibility. If you're not eligible, you'll need to ask the instructor for an override. If you receive an  override, you'll then add the course online. Have a list of backups, maybe save those to another plan.
  • Check for Holds.
    • View Holds in Self Service on your Student Profile or in the new version of Registration, select Prep: View Holds, Overrides. Contact the department that placed the hold to discuss how to resolve it. Contact your Class Dean if you are unable to resolve your holds.
  • Meet with your adviser/s to discuss your courses. Your assigned major (or pre-major) adviser will clear your Registration Advising Hold. 
  • Save your list of classes to a Plan, optional. The Plans video tutorial is recommended watching for important details on what plans do and don't do. Creating plans is available approximately 2 weeks before registration. As registration progresses you may wish to revise your plan, using classes that still have space available.
    • Plans don't do any kind checking. 


Registration instructions in NEW, IMPROVED Registration 9 system

Registration instructions in old registration 8 system

Registration Errors and Action Needed

Common Registration Questions