Transfer Credit Application Process for Current Students

Students planning to take courses elsewhere for transfer toward the Connecticut College degree must complete the Transfer Credit Application Form. (This does not apply to students approved to study away or participate in a SATA program in the fall or spring semester - information and instructions are available here for students approved to study away or participate in a SATA program in the fall or spring semester). 

  • A maximum of 64 transfer credits, taken prior to and after matriculating, may count toward the Connecticut College degree. If you have already transferred 64 credits, you may not transfer additional credit.
  • Typically students take and transfer credit back during a winter or summer session. Students may only transfer credit back for the fall/spring semester if they are on medical leave or have Committee on Academic Standing approval while on leave.
  • Students enrolled at Connecticut College for the fall or spring semester and taking courses here are not eligible to transfer credit back from another institution during that fall or spring semester. Students may not be simultaneously enrolled at Connecticut College and taking courses elsewhere.

Students participating in the College's summer global travel programs who take courses at the host institution and wish to receive credit should request that an official transcript be sent directly to the registrar's office once the courses are concluded. They should then follow up with the instructor leading the program so that approval and posting of the credit can be coordinated through the registrar's office. Please note that students participating in these programs are not enrolled as students at the College during the summer. 

Policy and Procedure Governing Permission to Transfer Credits from another College or Institution
  • Provide a copy of the description from the host institution’s course catalog and, if possible, a course syllabus for credit approval.
  • The form must be signed by the student's adviser, who pre-approves general credit and the overall transfer credit application. The class dean’s signature is always required. In some cases, the department or program chair must also approve the course for general credit. Consult the table below.

Students planning on transferring courses that are offered online*, or those that will count for the major or minor must also seek the approval of the appropriate department or program chair, who will sign the approval form. *Please note that approval of online courses is at the sole discretion of the department/program; not all departments/programs approve online courses. 

  • Submit the completed and approved form to your Class Dean who will sign and upload the form for the Registrar's office.
  • Mode of Inquiry Credit approval is a separate process. Pre-approval should be sought via email to, who can assist in this process.
  • Courses taken elsewhere must be graded. No grade of “P”, “S” or “CR” will be accepted. Grades and credits are translated to the Connecticut College system for posting on the permanent record.
  • Courses may not be repeated for credit.  Any student who has received a passing grade and earned credit for an individual course may not repeat the course; this includes Advanced Placement and all course work taken at other institutions.
  • Credit is awarded based on the semester hours earned, as they appear on the official transcript (Example - 3 semester hours=3 credits; 4 semester hours=4 credits). If unsure of semester hours to be earned, please contact the institution that will issue the transcript.

Please review the instructions at the bottom of this page to obtain credit once the course has been completed.

Adviser and Chair Approval

Unless noted below, faculty adviser approval is sufficient if the course(s) will be used for general credit (chair approval is always required for any course(s) that will be used for major or minor credit, or offered online). 

If you are taking the course for general credit, please consult the table below to determine whether the course you plan to take also requires Chair Approval & signature:

Department/Program                                          Students must seek chair approval in addition to faculty adviser approval, for courses which will be used for general credit
East Asian Languages & Cultures
Government and International Relations
Hispanic Studies
Mathematics & Statistics
Obtaining credit

To obtain credit once the coursework is completed:

  • Request that an official final transcript be sent directly to the attention of the Registrar's office via mail or to
  • If the transcript and transfer credit application are on file, the course(s) will be evaluated and posted by the end of the drop/add period in the next fall or spring semester in which you enroll at Connecticut College.
  • Transcripts received by the Registrar's office during the semester will be evaluated and posted within two weeks of receipt, provided that a transfer credit application is on file.
  • Course exceptions will be applied once the credit has been posted. The Course Exception form must be on file once the credit is posted. 

Once credit is posted, if it potentially meets the criteria to satisfy a component of Connections, students should reach out to request an evaluation as follows: to the chair of the specific language department for courses that may satisfy the language requirement or to for courses that may satisfy the Modes of Inquiry.

All grades and credits earned at the host institution are posted to the Connecticut College transcript and included in the student's GPA. Once credit is posted, it will not be removed from the student's academic record.

Additional questions about transfer credit for current students should be directed to