Cummings Electronic and Digital Sound Studio

Located on the first floor of the Cummings Arts Center, the Cummings Electronic and Digital Sound Studio facilities are available to all students who choose to study music. The CEDS is our production-quality electronic and computer music studio and is wired to the adjacent Elizabeth Gilbert Fortune Recording Studio. The CEDS serves as the classroom and workspace for the electronic and computer music courses as well as all composition classes.

Electronic and computer music courses are taught by Andrew Greenwald with technical assistance from Adjunct Assistant Professor James McNeish.

Students enrolled in the Ammerman Center for Arts and Technology (CAT) are also welcome to use our facilities for relevant coursework.

Elizabeth Gilbert Fortune Recording Studio

The Elizabeth Gilbert Fortune Recording Studio is home to a Pro Tools HD 32 channel recording setup. It is connected to Fortune Hall, Evans Hall and the CEDS Lab with multi-channel recording capability. The studio is equipped with an isolation booth for recording vocals and instrumental soloists. The studio also has several high quality microphones, digital reverb units and extensive software plugins.

The Connecticut College recording studio offers recording and mixing services to the College community and to the public. From time to time, jobs as recording assistants are available for qualified and interested students. Contact Adjunct Assistant Professor James McNeish, Director of the Fortune Recording Studio, for more information.